I need your help:

I've made this program for myself and decided to put it online as I thought some of you might find it useful. I'd like to have feedback on it.

Does it work? buggy? Useful? Ideas for new feature? Anything goes. Drop me a line at:



1.02 ROMbrary102.rar

Wikipedia Lists1.02 ***Only for version 1.02*** -Not included in the main file because my host only allows 300k per file.... just extract in ROMbrary folder.

1.01 ROMbrary101.rar

1.0 ROMbrary.rar

Old Wikipedia Lists

Wikipedia Lists

Overview :

ROMbrary is a school project I made. It's pretty much like your typical MP3 library but made for the ROM collector in mind. It sorts and displays your ROMS and emulators in one convenient place. From there, you can launch the games if the emulator used supports command lines. IT IS NOT AN EMULATOR, you will need to get these and the games(ROMS) on your own. It also have a built in internet explorer browser that navigates automatically to find walkthroughs, faqs, cover art, manuals and a bunch of info....

NOTE: I don't know if there are legal or copyright issues in automatically linking to wikipedia with a program or reading their HTML code. If you know something about that, please e-mail me

Extract the ROMbrary.rar archive in a new folder with winrar .
Extract the Wikipedia lists in the same folder..
Launch the ROMbrary.exe file


The program uses these dll and ocx files:

asycfilt.dll, COMCAT.DLL, comct232.ocx, comct332.ocx, comctl32.ocx, FM20.DLL, mscomct2.ocx, MSCOMCTL.OCX, MSFLXGRD.OCX, msvbvm60.dll, oleaut32.dll, olepro32.dll, VB6STKIT.DLL.

These are not provided to shrink the download size. Most should be on your system already. If you get error messages concerning these files, you will have to download them from one of these sites:

DLLs ----- Install instructions

OCXs-----Install Instructions


This is the main window:

This is the main window when the screwdriver button is clicked (shows settings panel):


Address bar: Double click to browse to the address.

Save button: Saves your lists and paths to the DATA.txt file. You can manually edit this file, make sure you don't change the tags names, only one tag per line and keep the correct sequence:


..... as much [emu] [emuPath] as you need
[Fav] much [Fav] as you need

[Platform] *new paltform

[Manufacturer]*new manufacturer

Quick Links:

When a game is selected in the wiki's list, you can launch searches on 4 different web sites besides Wikipedia to get further info on that game.
When you click one on the site in the menu, the program will browse to the web site and make a search with the game's title.

GameFaqs: Good for walkthrough and codes

GameRankings: Good for reviews

Replacement Docs: To get FULL instruction manuals in PDF. If you have Adobe Acrobat, it will open directly in the browser's window

**WARNING: Some manuals are very large and can take quite a while before downloading

Moby Games : Good for reviews of old games and cover art, lots of info.


For comments, bug reports and suggestions: